AMS Studios

Studio A

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Studio A is our largest studio spanning an impressive 3700 square feet. This space is capable of handling almost any production need:

  • 71′ X 53′ square feet – 20′ powered grid
  • Hard CYC wall with cove corner
  • All power consumed is FREE. (Every kilowatt)
  • Studio rental comes with free use of lighting board
  • Head-to-toe green screen shooting
  • Full grip, lighting, and production packages
  • Live multi-cam shooting available
  • Sound proof studio
  • On-site personnel availability 24/7 365

The New York (Studio A) Experience

One of the perks of using our flagship Studio A is enjoying the glamorously styled private Green Room, Bath, and Make-Up Room.

Named after the largest city in the US, we call this section of AMS New York as it offers only the best in behind-the-scenes space for those who choose this option for their production.