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Creating The Perfect Set for a Commercial

Creating The Perfect Set for a Commercial

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Your Vision, Our Full Production Service


When you’re creating a commercial for your company, product, or service, it can be hard to know where to begin and what will impact your audience. We get it – you’re a professional at what you do, not a professional commercial producer. That’s where Studios at AMS Pictures steps in as a full-service creative production company in Dallas, Texas. Our professionals can take you from concept to completion to bring your vision to life.


Here at AMS Studios, we specialize in script-to-screen projects. When it comes to storyboarding, our team can help you translate your vision and prepare it for filming. We can help you create a storyboard that captivates and engages your audience correctly. Our creative producers work closely with you to bring in all the elements of your story and to film directions for production day. Now that you have your vision planned out and ready to film, the next step is figuring out which of our studios will work best for your project.


When it comes to finding the perfect production studio for your commercial needs, having a full production service space is essential. That way, you have the capability to create your ideal commercial and aren’t limited on what you can and can’t film. Thankfully, we’ve worked with various clients and have gone above and beyond to ensure every need is met. From smaller-scale commercials to larger ones, we have a wide variety of sets and production studios that will be perfect for your commercial and cater to your needs directly. Regarding set design options and creative solutions, AMS Studios brings a lot to the table!

Post Production

The magic of our full-service package ends in post-production and is one of the unique services offered in the Dallas area. From start to finish, with Storyboarding to Post Production, we’re able to take the initial vision and the shots in the studio into the hands of our editors to create a masterpiece that breathes every detail of your vision into not just what you envisioned but gives it meaning and provides your team with exactly what it needs to achieve its goals for the project.

We understand that not every project requires all the bells and whistles that we offer – that said, we have everything you need to create a masterful project pulling in our full team if needed. We want to make your project look fantastic and achieve your vision by providing a controlled environment to film in or using every camera and light in the house. Our team of creatives cover all facets of your production and we’re readily available to begin creating your project – contact us today.