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Client Services at AMS Pictures

Private Offices, Conference Rooms,
& Wi-Fi Ready

At AMS Studios, we want our clients (and clients’ clients) to be comfortable and taken care of while in our building. The AMS Studios Client Services team takes that responsibility seriously!

We offer a first-class experience that allows you to get your work done in a cozy & fun environment that has all the perks you’d expect.

We know that even when you’re away from the office, you have to be equipped for business. A visit to AMS Studios includes robust WiFi connectivity, private conference room spaces, and concierge services, like printing and duplication services, courier, delivery & shipping.

No one goes hungry at AMS!

Whether it’s guests, the crew, or the talent, it’s important to feed the team that makes the magic happen. We are known for an ample supply of sweet & salty snacks in our Diner and a broad range of refreshing hot & cold beverages, available all day, every day, free of charge. Furthermore, our client service team stands by, ready to manage catering orders of any size for any meal. So when you’re here for a shoot, there’s no need to search for a local restaurant. We’ll bring you lunch (or breakfast, or dinner, or a birthday cake!). It’s just one more way we go the extra mile to make your AMS experience exceptional.

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