AMS Studios

Control Room

Control Room A is our main hub for multi-camera studio productions. We have the most comfortable and capable control room set up in the DFW Metroplex. Our extensive experience with live broadcasts, remote webcasts, virtual events, satellite media tours, and just about anything else you may need a live switch for makes us the go-to production facility in Dallas.

While sets, graphics, and camera moves are the flashier sides of a live broadcast, the magic you see on screen must originate from somewhere. That’s where the Control Room comes in. Here the crew works behind the scenes to put all the pieces together in real-time to create a captivating show that will engage your audience.

Sure, we have the latest switchers, solid-state recorders, and camera shading equipment, but we also have all of this technology setup, wired, and built into our infrastructure. With our blazing-fast dedicated Wi-Fi and LTN connectivity, we can simultaneously handle multiple broadcasts. Don’t believe us? Schedule a tour today and see for yourself!

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