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Facility Spaces at AMS Studios

Beautifully Art-Directed Rooms & Backlot Sets

If you haven’t been in our building before, then you’re in for a treat! Inspired by the creative mind of Walt Disney, the AMS Studios Facility Spaces are our very own theme park in North Dallas, featuring design and architecture that is truly unique.

Here you will not find white walls and cubicle farms. Instead, you’ll be treated to a fun atmosphere with surprises around every corner.

Careful thought has been put into every square inch of the facility’s design. Practical spaces, like the employee break room or meeting space, take on the charm of a classic Diner or the retro feel of a theater from the golden age of Hollywood.

From the themed conference rooms to the autograph wall and the famous Egyptian bathrooms, we guarantee your visit with us will be exciting! Schedule a tour today and see for yourself!

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Control Room A Montage


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