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Live Shot Studio

The 24-hour news cycle never stops and networks depend on studios around the world to be available for guest interviews at a moment’s notice. AMS Studios has been producing live shots for over 25 years, be it your standard live hit or pre-taped segment to managing and producing all visual media for the Ross Perot presidential campaign way back in 1992.

Studio features:

  • Remote-controlled robotic 1080i camera
  • 80” 4K monitor for custom high-res backgrounds
  • In-studio return-feed monitor
  • Prompter capabilities
  • Room for two guests sitting side-by-side
  • (3) LTN Live IP Video Transport inbound/outbound circuits
  • (1) LiveU LU600 Unit
  • LiveU LU2000 Decoder Server

Click Here for Control Room Specs

We are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Guest accommodations include a dedicated green room with comfortable seating, cable television, a workstation and full access to snacks and beverages in our diner. We are conveniently located off the Dallas Tollway just north of Addison.

To book our live shot studio, email us at or call 972-818-7400. To reach us after hours or on weekends/holidays, email us AND call us at 214-267-9882.

The “Live Shot” Experience

When you arrive to our home along the Dallas North Tollway, you are not just stopping by to sit in a cold dark space in front of a camera. You are walking into the Southwest’s finest live shot studio facility, where you will be taken care of by our amazing staff. Grab some coffee or a soda in our Diner, pop by Stephanie’s Barber Shop for some light make-up, and then relax in our Disney Green Room until it is your turn to shine on TV.

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