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Permanent & Custom Sets

Pre-Lit Sets & Set Design

When it comes to set design options and creative solutions, AMS Studios brings a lot to the table.

Each unique set has the potential for customization to your brand by utilizing the integrated monitors in the walls and desk or by adding signage and other set elements to make it your own.

Both of these looks are very popular with our live production services, especially when used with our news desk.  But they are also very effective for single-talent stand-ups and interview backgrounds.

If you’re interested in our set design services, contact us at to speak with one of our project managers.


Rockwood is our go-to news set.  It has multiple possible positions for monitor placement, and the color wash behind the horizontal translucent windows can be customized using our Gemini Lite Panel LED Lights.  Our news desk or a more casual chairs & table look work on this versatile, modular set.

Rockwood comes pre-lit, meaning the set walls and lighting are already in place, saving you the expense of a day of set build and pre-light.

The Loft

Originally custom-built for a client, The Loft brings a more casual look with various different materials and colors.  Bringing in more modern elements like the concrete pillars and window boxes, this set offers a false back allowing a guest to enter the “Tonight Show” style.  There are multiple opportunities to customize this set for your brand.

Set Design / Custom Sets

A selection of recent custom set design projects we have built for clients.  We are experienced with full set design from concept to build but can also execute a design you bring to us.

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