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Green Screen Rental In Dallas

Green Screen Rental In Dallas

small chroma key fabric backdrop green screen

Know The Different Options for Your Professional Use

Nowadays, almost everyone has a basic understanding of what a green screen can do. We’ve all seen the green screen overlays on TikTok, and you’ve probably watched a blockbuster movie that’s used an entire green screen set. So the question is, if you’re recording a video, which type of green screen is right for your needs? Here at AMS Studios, we have several different types of green screen approaches to choose from. Whether you’re just getting started or are shooting a multi-million dollar movie, we have what you need!

Small Chroma Key Fabric

The easiest way to figure out what kind of green screen you need is to plan for what your final edit will look like. A fabric-stretched green screen approach is the easiest to set up if your on-screen talent is only shown for the chest or waist up. These come in 8’x8,’ or 12’x12’ stretched over a metal frame. There is also a 20’x20’ option if you simultaneously have multiple people in the frame. This approach usually works best if your talent sits or stands still, and you will not see their feet. If you’re planning on them moving around, you’ll want to look at a hard cyc wall.

small chroma key fabric backdrop green screen

Head to Toe Chroma Key

When you want to see the entire body of your talent, you’ll need to look at head to toe chroma key. There are multiple ways to do this. The most economical way is to use a rolled-out fabric that hangs behind the talent and then rolls onto the floor towards the camera, but this has its challenges. If your talent is moving then the fabric can move under their feet, which could cause problems in your edit. The fabric can also be reflective, which can pose problems with the key in your edit.

Your best approach for head to toe chroma key is to use paint. This is a special blend of paint that you can’t get at your local hardware store, and though the cost of the paint can seem high, you get what you pay for! The process here is to paint the wall and floor for as much coverage you need. A cyclorama wall is ideal for many reasons but the big one is it helps achieve even lighting and a clean key for your editor to work with. With a painted cyc wall, your talent can walk, talk and dance with a solid floor underneath them. Your editor will thank you as well. For full specs on our cyclorama set at Studio A or for rental pricing, reach out to our team today!

Head to toe chroma key green screen

Special Cases – Mix & Match for your Needs

Sometimes your project needs special attention to achieve the look you’re going for. Treadmills are sometimes used for a character to walk in a green screen environment, for instance. This can mean that multiple shades of green paint and fabric are used to achieve a key. No matter what you decide, make sure you speak with your editor prior to filming. Sometimes a clean even key is needed for a fast-turnaround edit, but at the same time a garbage matte approach with lots of different pieces of green fabric and paint are fine. It totally depends on the project as a whole and the approach to get to a finished video.

mix and match chroma keys for custom needs green screen

It’s always good to know the differences between green screen options and walls when you are looking for a set that fits your specific needs for your next production project. Now that we’ve broken down the differences, reach out to us today to book your next shoot or to find out more information about AMS Studios and how our team can help you on your next project.