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Hybrid Corporate Event Video Production – Live Meets Online

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Hybrid Corporate Event Video Production – Live Meets Online

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With the new age of on-line meetings, it can seem like two worlds are clashing between online and in-person. While online events provide the comfort and convenience of being anywhere for a large corporate event, the hybrid model demands a creative and an interactive experience that engages both audiences – and as we know, engagement is becoming evermore important for modern events. At AMS, we utilize a hybrid event video production model that can benefit any corporate video event’s production needs.

KFC MPM 2022The Hybrid Model of Corporate Events

Corporate events have morphed since the pandemic first began and the demands for large-scale production for global companies have become more challenging and complex. One of our latest projects with Yum! Brands and KFC is the shining example of the new hybrid model that is in high demand post-pandemic. With 16 unique markets worldwide and one of the largest restaurant brands in the world, the breadth of franchisees and sheer size of the event for KFC and Yum! Brands was a perfect fit for our team’s expertise.

As with traditionally produced corporate events, our team at AMS created a heavily-produced hybrid show that featured custom videos from each global market. AMS also created a custom interview set by building KFC striped set pieces and carefully chosen furniture to complete the look for not only the live audience but the viewers watching remotely.

Live Production & Editing

AMS took on the responsibility of the production of the live show that took place which included a show producer, project management, full production crew, set design and construction, and of course, editing services. The live show lasted for a total of four days with over 16 hours of content.

The dedication from our team for this expansive and robust project shows that anything is possible with the new hybrid event model. Our amazing crew can come together to produce projects that engage audiences in the modern world.

If your team needs video production for a hybrid model, reach out to us today and we’ll ensure that your event is as seamless and as engaging as today’s audiences demand.