Post Production

The shoot is complete, and your media has been loaded onto our servers. Now comes the point in the project where everything comes together into a cohesive story. Through the use of editing, transitions, graphics, animation, audio, and, most importantly, ingenuity, your video will come to life in the edit suite.

The AMS Studios Post Production team is as creative and talented as they are diverse in their skills. Each individual – be they an editor, a graphic artist, a colorist, a sound designer, or a story editor – brings experience and the ability to achieve your loftiest goals. They’re a nice bunch, too.

The tools used in post-production are not unique in today’s world. Most companies use the same software tools for post-production, which is why a strong and experienced editor is so important to a project’s success. Here are just some of the software tools we employ on a daily basis.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Premiere Pro (editing)
    • After Effects (motion graphics)
    • Photoshop (photos)
    • Illustrator (graphic design)
  • Davinci Resolve Studio (color correction)
  • Pro Tools Ultimate (sound design and audio mixing
  • Visual Effects Tools
    • Boris FX
    • Red Giant/Maxon
  • Stock Imagery/Music
    • Pond5
    • Getty Images
    • Alamy
    • Premium Beat
  • Collaborative
    • Frame.IO