Crewing Services


Crewing Services

Are you a Producer in need of a video crew?
AMS crewing services have got you covered.

AMS is one of the top crewing services companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We leverage our internal production staff, our deep bench of freelance talent, and over 2500 pieces of professional video equipment to provide crews for local businesses and production companies. 

Crewing Services

Only the best from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

When you book a crew through AMS, you will be provided with our best-in-class project management team that will handle assigning the crew positions, payment of those crew members, equipment allocation and call sheet generation.  We will also provide a line-item estimate for our services with full transparency to our costs.

Crew Available

Some examples of crew positions that we regularly provide are…

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Director of Photography
  • Field Camera Operator
  • Studio Camera Operator
  • Camera Assistant
  • Audio Engineer
  • A2
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Key Grip
  • Grip
  • Electrician
  • Hair/Makeup Stylist
  • Technical Director
  • Graphics Operator
  • ProPresenter Operator
  • Floor Director
  • Jib Operator
  • Production Assistant
  • Craft Services
  • Art Director
  • Location Coordinator

It’s a simple fact that using state-of-the-art gear bumps up the wow factor on all video projects. So we make it our business to have a full arsenal of modern production equipment (a.k.a. the most fun toys). And if a project needs a particularly rare outside-the-box tool, we just reach out to local partners to rent it. No opportunity for epicness is missed on any AMS Studios video.

Our Crewing Guarantee

We've got the A-Team of Dallas-based video production crew

Our video productions teams we provide through crewing services are the cream of the crop in Dallas.

Count on them to make your production journey seamless and successful from start to finish!

AMS Studios Production Process Client Engagement Dallas
1. Determining the Crew Needs

Whether you need a simple 2-person crew to grab some B-roll or a full crew to manage a large-scale shoot, AMS has the talent. We listen and help determine which crew members are required to bring your vision to reality.

AMS Studios Production Process Pre-Production Dallas
2. Lining up the right gear

The crew can't do much without the right tools. At AMS, we have all the state-of-the-art equipment from cameras, lenses and lighting to support gear, like dollies, drones and digital media management.

AMS Studios Production Process Production Dallas
3. Professional execution

Now that the crew and gear are all in place, the magic can begin! We will be prepared to show up on time, work hard to complete the shot list and capture the desired content.

AMS Studios Production Process Post-Production Dallas
4. Media Management

The shoot is done. What do we do with the footage? Any number of solutions can happen. If you need to take the footage and edit it yourself, we can transfer the footage in the field as well as back it up on our servers, assuring redundancy for your peace of mind. If AMS is editing the final piece, our media manager will back-up the footage and create a project for our editor.

AMS Studios Production Process Delivery Dallas
5. Leave the paperwork to us

You don’t have to worry about administrative tasks like call sheets or payroll. Our team of coordinators and equipment managers work behind the scenes and manage the logistics that bring all the moving parts together, before and after the shoot!

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When it comes to Dallas-based production, AMS Studios’ crewing services stand out as the ultimate choice.

Our handpicked teams of industry professionals bring unparalleled expertise and local knowledge to every project. With AMS Studios, you not only get access to top-tier talent but also the assurance of a seamless production process from beginning to end.

Trust us to elevate your Dallas production to new heights.
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