We’re master storytellers who transform your raw footage into a polished final product.

At AMS Studios, we believe the magic happens in the editing suite. With careful attention to detail, our team of professional editors weave together the best moments that keep viewers captivated from start to finish.

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The AMS Studios post-production team is as creative and talented as they are diverse in their skills. Each individual – be they an editor, a graphic artist, a colorist, a sound designer, or a story editor – brings experience and the ability to achieve your loftiest goals. They’re a nice bunch, too.

The AMS Studios Advantage

Collaborative Spirit

We believe in open communication throughout the post-production process. We work closely with you to refine edits, ensure clarity, and deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Technical Expertise

Our team utilizes the latest video editing software and design tools to bring your vision to life with exceptional technical skill and creativity. Utilizing the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Suite, Davinci Resolve Studio, Pro Tools Ultimate, VIDEO COPILOT, Boris FX, Red Giant/Maxon, Stock Imagery/Music, Pond5, Getty Images, Alamy, Premium Beat and Frame.IO. 

Our Post-Production Process

Our Post-Production Process Delivers a Polished Final Product Every Time.

AMS Studios’ post-production services are like the secret sauce that takes your content from good to downright amazing! Meticulously crafted for visual excellence and storytelling mastery, we’re here to make your vision shine brighter than ever.

AMS Studios Production Process Client Engagement Dallas
1. Editorial Expertise

Our journey begins with your vision. We meticulously review your footage, identifying key moments and crafting a narrative flow that keeps viewers engaged. Expert editors weave together the best takes, ensuring a cohesive story arc with clear pacing and emotional impact.

AMS Studios Production Process Pre-Production Dallas
2. The Art of the Edit

It's more than trimming clips. We utilize advanced editing techniques like color correction and grading to enhance the visual aesthetics of your video. This ensures a consistent visual style throughout and sets the mood for your story.

AMS Studios Production Process Production Dallas
3. Bringing Stills to Life

Motion graphics and animation add another layer of depth and engagement. Our skilled graphic designers create visually compelling elements that can explain complex concepts, showcase data, or simply add a touch of creative flair to your video.

AMS Studios Production Process Post-Production Dallas
4. The Power of Sound

Sound design is a storyteller's secret weapon. Our team crafts a soundscape that complements your visuals and evokes emotions. We incorporate sound effects, background music, and professional voiceover narration to create an immersive and impactful experience.

AMS Studios Production Process Delivery Dallas
5. Finishing

All these elements – editing, graphics, sound design – come together seamlessly in the final stages. Our team meticulously blends them to create a cohesive and polished final product that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience.

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Water is Awesome

A local municipal water district traditionally kicks-off summer with a water conservation ad campaign aimed at area residents, encouraging smart use of landscape watering during Texas’s long, dry summer months.

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