Workforce Augmentation


Workforce Augmentation

Your company relies on video as a medium to reach your employees and customers.  This often requires an in-house video department that can meet the demands of these media initiatives.  There are two main approaches a company can take in this scenario – hire a team of full-time staff, or engage with a local company to augment your workforce with embedded staff.

Team focused solutions

How Workforce Augmentation Works

YOUR Company

Department Manager

AMS Team

Production Manager





Media Asset Manager

Equipment Manager

Production Assistant

In this example, your company is only responsible for the department leader, while AMS supplies the bulk of the production and post team.  These roles would be full-time AMS employees who are embedded at your company 40 hours a week.  They would have a security badge, a computer and an email address from your company and would be available to train on the inner workings of your company.  Your clients would look at the AMS team as colleagues and the end effect is a cohesive, blended team that all have the same goals.

The Benefits

You may be asking yourself why your company would go this route.  The answer is simple: By partnering with AMS, you are able to… 


By relying on AMS’ experience in video production and workforce augmentation, you can act quicker and leverage our 40+ years of industry knowledge.  Some examples of that include:

  • Access to Expertise & Creativity – AMS can source and on-board new personnel faster than your procurement department, and use our deep bench of vetted professionals to find the right fit.
  • Scalability & Flexibility – By leaning on AMS to source freelance talent for projects, you simply need to request the required crew and AMS handles the sourcing, hiring, call sheets and payroll
  • We Assimilate into Your Culture  – Though they are technically AMS employees, at heart they are part of your corporate family – in training, in culture and in knowledge.
  • Equipment Procurement – AMS can acquire equipment quickly, and sometimes at a discount, without all the red-tape corporations require, be that a purchase, a lease or a rental.

The Breakdown

AMS Studios Video Production Workforce Augmentation Value Add Graphic Dallas

Value Add

The AMS teams are involved in:

  • High-level project planning for any video service
  • Hardware/software upgrades in the studio
  • Equipment purchases & leases
  • Process definition and deployment for the department.
  • AMS is well-versed in the latest industry trends and best practices. Through our workforce augmentation, we can ensure that your videos are in line with current market demands and preferences.
AMS Studios Video Production Workforce Augmentation Cost Benefits Graphic Dallas

Cost Benefits

AMS Manages:

  • Hiring process
  • Employee management
  • HR services
  • Job training
  • Payroll
  • All freelance vendor sourcing, vetting and hiring
  • Access to large industry equipment (grip trucks, flypacks) to minimize your spend on large expenditures not worth your company’s investment
AMS Studios Video Production Workforce Augmentation Facilities Graphic Dallas

AMS Studios

World Class Facility:

  • 39 full-time AMS Pictures employees
  • 40,000 sq foot facility on Dallas Tollway
  • 3 studios for a total of 6,000 sq feet
  • 2 control rooms
  • 6 edit suites
  • 2000+ pieces of in-house equipment
  • 999+ contractors and freelancers hired each year for various projects
  • 40 years of video experience in the DFW metroplex and nationwide

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