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Video Production Studio Overview: Studio A at AMS Pictures in Dallas, TX

Video Production Studio Overview: Studio A at AMS Pictures in Dallas, TX

Facility - Studio - A - 02 at AMS Studios in Dallas Texas
Loft Set with Stand Up

Studio A at AMS Pictures is the largest video production studio in our facility. This studio is capable of filming everything from an elaborate car commercial to a simple how-to video. Adjacent to the studio is the the New York hallway, where you’ll find our control room, makeup room, green room and full restroom. Known for its luxury feel and flexible amenities, the space will be sure to give you everything you need in style. Learn more about this impressive space and see if Studio A is what you need for your next production.


Studio A is 3700 square feet of flexible studio space. It houses a cyclorama wall, which you may know better as an infinity wall, as well as The Loft hard set. Because of the size and “white box” setup, this is our most flexible space, ideal for shooting commercials, corporate stand ups, virtual sets and more! With a 20ft grid, silent HVAC, a bay door, and professional soundproofing, this studio can take on nearly any shoot, and with full green screen capabilities, the world is your backdrop!

Studio A Floorplan


The power specifications in Studio A are equipped with some of the best tech on the market to ensure your experience will be executed with high quality performance. We feature two disconnect panels, each coming with 208v, 3-phase and 300amps. Studio A also includes three 100amp distro circuits, five 20amp circuits for Lunch Boxes, 88 dimmable 20amp circuits and four 50 amp dimmable circuits on our grid. These specs hold true to our Studio A, but if you need a different set up, reach out and we can find the studio that fits your needs.

Cyclorama Wall with Green Screen

Available Sets

If you are looking for a ready-to-use and fully lit space for your project that is professional and modern, we have two readily available sets available to rent and/or have our team available for full production services. In Studio A, that set is called The Loft.

The more modern of our pre-built sets, The Loft provides an additional space for a talk-show style setup or a news desk approach. The ability to have a guest enter from off-camera gives this studio space the late-night production value common for clients with an on-screen personality with multiple guest segments. This is a highly customizable set featuring multiple screens for branding and featuring your logo and content on-screen. There are other cost-effective ways to customize this set to your brand as well.


From yoga classes to corporate communications and music videos, Studio A can be completely customized to fit your production needs. Our team is highly experienced with full set design and can make your vision a reality. Now that you know about Studio A, the next step is to visit this location and explore the possibilities. The luxury amenities and the versatility of the space will help set you, your company and your projects apart. Not only will this studio be perfect for your next project, but it will be sure to leave a you with a lasting impression for your brand.

Ready to reserve Studio A? Visit our Sets page to learn more!

Bootcamp Set set in Studio A at AMS Pictures